David Arendt, the CEO of the Freeport, stated at a press conference that the site is more than just a secure warehouse, and also offers services related to the artworks and objects it holds. Several specialists in restoration and artwork analysis were invited to the event to showcase their services.

Currently, neither the laboratory nor the restoration workshop are operational, and their opening will have to wait a few more months. Nevertheless, the specialists are enthusiastic about providing their services in a secure environment thanks to the Freeport. Maurizio Seracini, the head of Great Masters Art Authentication, a company specializing in artwork authentication, said: "Through the Freeport, we are able to provide our services in a secure location, allowing our clients to send us their artwork safely."

Mr. Seracini was a pioneer in artwork analysis through scientific diagnostics such as multispectral imaging, physical and chemical analyses, and X-rays. He has studied over 3,500 prestigious artworks, particularly in Italian museums, to create a scientific and technical database for artwork authentication. At the Freeport, Great Masters will install a high-performance laboratory equipped with tools such as digital radiography, mass spectrometer, MRI, and scanner. Additionally, there will be two to three specialists in chemistry, engineering, and art history. Moreover, a mobile laboratory will be available for conducting diagnostics directly where the artworks are located.